Dawn to Dusk Mosquito Systems Your Long Island Sprinkler Magician Distributor

Tired of not being able to enjoy your yard because you, your family, and your guests are swarmed by Mosquitoes and other insect pests? Then you should turn your sprinkler system into a Mosquito Stopping Machine! D2D-Youtube-01

Sprinkler Magician is a unique delivery system that utilizes your irrigation system independently of your normal watering cycle. It injects a Natural Solution (Mosquito Magician) to treat for Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Spiders and most other Biting Insects.

Let Mother Nature resolve your problems instead of using harmful Pesticides that can poison you and the environment. The Natural  Solution is 100% safe for you, your children, pets and the environment. It is entirely organic, read our list of ingredients.

It allows families to take back their yard naturally instead of using harmful Pesticides that can poison you and the environment. D2D-Youtube-02 Using your Sprinkler System as a Mosquito Machine prevents you from having to install an expensive Mosquito System in addition to your sprinkler system and increasing your maintenance costs over the long run. It’s about time you can enjoy your yard again.

The Mosquito Magic 100% Natural Solution can also be sprayed manually through any Hand Pump Sprayers purchased at any garden center.

Mosquito Magic Solution is available in a variety of sizes and can be applied both by hand sprayer, and your existing sprinkler system.

radio-adv1Mosquito Magic solution also comes in 1 Gallon or 1 Quart Bottles, a single gallon can cover up to 128,000 square feet! While just one quart can cover up to 32,000 square feet. You can just add 4 ounces of Mosquito Magic Solution to one gallon of water and apply it through a Hand Pump Sprayer, or you may fill a Garden Hose Sprayer with straight solution and simply spray it directly on the target area.

You only need a light application for it to work, like spray painting the lawn and bushes. The solution lasts up to 2 weeks depending on rain fall, and lawn watering.

This is a Great Product that really works. I was a Customer before becoming the Long Island Distributor for Sprinkler Magician. NOTE: Sprinkler Magician is a Manufacturer / Wholesaler and does not sell to the public – We are the exclusive local distributor for Sprinkler Magician for Long Island, NY. Icon_PDF

For additional product information, technical specifications or reseller details regarding Mosquito Magician sprinkler system, please visit our web page here, or download our .pdf here.

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