Sprinkler Magician Machines

Sprinkler Magician How It Works

Sprinkler Magician turns any Sprinkler System into a Mosquito Machine.

Sprinkler Magician attaches to your existing Irrigation/Sprinkler system and injects specific amounts of 100% Natural Solution (Mosquito Magic) while running each zone for 40 to 90 seconds, depending on zone size. (Size measured by square footage)

The Machine gets wired into the Irrigation Timer and runs independent of your Irrigation Controls. You can set Sprinkler Magician to automatically run specified zones daily, every other day, twice a week or once a week depending on your needs. There is also a manual override button that can be used for special occasions ( ie: Barbeques, Parties, etc. ) without having the Machine turned on.

If you turn your Irrigation system off during the Rainy Season, Sprinkler Magician will still continue to run the scheduled settings for Mosquito Control. The zones only run for 40 to 90 seconds each, which does not affect landscape in a negative manner.

Sprinkler Magician treats the areas where the mosquitoes live (grass and plants) rather than misting areas several times a day while you entertain on patios, in pool areas, etc. Without treating Mosquitoes where they live they will keep coming back.

Water droplets from sprinkler heads insure the Solution is distributed to intended areas unlike Misting Systems, which can drift in the wind and then only benefit your neighbors.

Q: How does Sprinkler Magician compare to other products on the market?
A: This is the only automated system that works with an irrigation system to handle mosquitoes and other nuisance insects. Unlike bug zappers and propane type machines our system doesn’t lure mosquitoes into the yard in the hope of killing them, we turn the whole yard, or portions of the yard, into an environment that is unfriendly towards targeted pests. There are misting systems available that also do this, but they involve running pipes all around your yard and results are very expensive, often $3000 – 6000. Also, misting systems can not treat grassy areas, and therefore can not control fleas, which our system can and does.

Q: What if someone does not have an irrigation system but wants these benefits?
A: There are two options:

    1. You can install an irrigation system at the same time you install our system as a part of it.
    2. You can sell the sprayer and concentrate and a customer can spray as needed.

How to Manually Spray Mosquito Magic

The Mosquito Magic 100%Natural Solution can be sprayed manually through any Hand Pump Sprayers purchased at any garden center.
Mosquito Magic Solution is available in 1 Gallon or 1 Quart Bottles.
One gallon can cover up to 128,000 square feet
One quart can cover up to 32,000 square feet
Just add 4 ounces of Mosquito Magic Solution per one gallon of water and apply it through a Hand Pump Sprayer or you may fill a Garden Hose Sprayer with straight solution and simply spray the intended area. You only need a light application for it to work, like spray painting the lawn and bushes. The Solution lasts up to 2 weeks depending on rain fall and lawn watering.

If you are tired of dealing with mosquitoes and looking for something that actually works, call us now. It’s time you take your yard back.

Q: Is there a warranty?
A: Yes, the machine is fully guaranteed for 1 year, as long as our concentrates are used exclusively.

Q: How do I know it works?
A: Watch our testimonial videos and you will see what happy customers are saying about our products.

Q: Where does it go and how big is it?
A: It goes as close to sprinkler timer as possible. The box is approximately 2’ x 2’ x 10” thick.

Q: Can I just use the chemical in a different holding tank or system?
A: The chemical is injected into the Sprinkler Magician system at preset rates to make sure you get enough of the chemical dispersed when the system operates. Using it on any other type of system will not be setup the same way and will not work.

Mosquito Magician Concentrate

Q: What insects does Mosquito Magician handle?
A: As well as mosquitoes, it also handles gnats, no-see-ums, fleas, spiders, biting flies, and most other biting insects.

Q: Is Mosquito Magician safe?
A: Yes, because it uses organic ingredients, it is safe for families, pets, and the environment.

Q: Can I spray Mosquito Magician on my body?
A: No. While it is completely non-toxic, it is in a concentrated form and is not designed to be sprayed on people or pets.

Q: What does Mosquito Magician smell like?
A: Most people say it smells just like salad dressing. It is pleasant and lingers for 5-10 minutes after spraying. Once dried on plants, the smell is unnoticeable to humans.

Q: Will Mosquito Magician burn my plants?
A: We have tried it on many (but not all) different types of plants, and have not encountered any adverse effects. Please always read and follow the instructions on the bottle.

Videos can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/user/sprinklermagician


* NOTE: Sprinkler Magician is a Manufacturer / Wholesaler and does not sell to the public – We are the exclusive distributor for Sprinkler Magician in Long Island, NY


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