Product Information

Why is Sprinkler Magician better than the competitors?

D2D-Youtube-01This is the only automated system that works with an irrigation system to handle mosquitoes and other nuisance insects. Unlike bug zappers and propane type machines our system doesn’t lure mosquitoes into the yard in the hope of killing them, we turn the whole yard, or portions of the yard, into an environment that is unfriendly towards targeted pests.

d2d-productinformation-01tThere are misting systems available that also do this, but they involve running pipes all around your yard and results are very expensive, often $3000 – 6000. Also, misting systems can not treat grassy areas, and therefore can not control fleas, which our system can and does.

It simply works better than:

  • Bug Zappers
  • Propane Powered Machines
  • Siphon/Pump Systems

d2d-productinformation-02t It is entirely organic

It costs less to buy and operate than:

  • Misting Systems


It is effective against a wide range of insects:


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